IB Theatre (as taken from the IB Theatre Programme Guide)

    Theatre is a dynamic, collaborative and live art form.  It is a practical subject that encourages discovery through experimentation, the taking of risks and the presentation of ideas to others.  It results in the development of both theatre and life skills; the building of confidence, creativity and working collaboratively.  Reagan offers a 4 year theatre programme for students interested; theatre at Reagan can be both a curricular and extra-curricular experience for students.

    The IB Diploma Programme theatre course is a multifaceted theatre-making course of study.  It gives students the opportunity to make theatre as creators, designers, directors and performers.  It emphasizes the importance of working both individually and collaboratively as part of an ensemble.  It offers the opportunity to engage actively in the creative process, transforming ideas into action as inquisitive and productive artists.

    Students experience the course from contrasting artistic perspectives.  They learn to apply research and theory to inform and to contextualize their work.  The theatre course encourages students to appreciate that through the processes of researching, creating, preparing, presenting and critically reflecting on theatre – as participants and audience members – they gain a richer understanding of themselves, their community.

    Through the study of theatre, students become aware of their own personal and cultural perspectives, developing an appreciation of the diversity of theatre practices, their processes and their modes of presentation.  It enables students to discover and engage with different forms of theatre across time, place and culture and promotes international-mindedness.

    Reagan IB Theatre Programme:

    ·         Through community partnerships with The Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Next Act Theatre and Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, students are given the opportunity to see many play performances over the course of the school year.

    ·         Diploma students (grades 11-12) complete four IB Theatre Assessments, including: the research presentation, the solo performance, the collaborative performance piece and the director’s notebook.

    ·         Each Reagan IB Theatre student maintains an extensive journal and completes four external theatre projects (a thirty minute presentation, a research investigation, an independent project, and a practical performance proposal).

    ·         The Fine Arts require no previous experience in order to be successful. What makes a great Reagan Fine Arts student is commitment, character and a sense of community. Individual grades are regularly reviewed to ensure that core course requirements are being met so students who commit to the Fine Arts are able to continue throughout all four years to celebrate success. A Fine Art student is part of something bigger than oneself....this experience will forever change a young person's life, building skills that will positively impact their youth, building relationships that last a lifetime, and opening doors to scholarships and college success.

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