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    The highly popular Vera J. Zilber Music Department provides students with the opportunity to participate in more than a dozen music ensembles and classes. Ronald Reagan High School is the only school in Wisconsin to teach a full four year IB Music Curriculum.  We host numerous large concerts, school-wide assemblies, a variety of chamber music performances, theatrical musicals, an after-school music festival, and daily internet broadcasts through Reagan Radio.


    Coursework includes music appreciation, comprehensive musicianship, beginning and advanced band, beginning/intermediate/treble/advanced choir, and Music at the IB Diploma Program Level. The Music Department hosts a beginning, intermediate and advanced bands, a sophomore and upper class jazz band, a concert choir, a small chamber choir, a string orchestra, percussion ensemble, and multiple pop music groups. Students also have the chance to stay after school on four days of each week to join in a wide array of extra-curricular music ensembles and clubs.  Interested students should speak directly with Music Department staff for ensemble/club information.


    Ronald Reagan unites urban teens of diverse backgrounds to speak in the universal language of music. Our students perform in vocal/instrumental music concerts, chamber music concerts, the WSMA solo-ensemble festival, Wisconsin Conservatory of Music recitals, UW-M band festival, and the MPS biennial festival, as well as at local community and business performances. We also successfully incorporate outside talent for enriching musical experiences.


    The Fine Arts require no previous experience in order to be successful. What makes a great Reagan Fine Arts student is commitment, character and a sense of community. Individual grades are regularly reviewed to ensure that core course requirements are being met so students who commit to the Fine Arts are able to continue throughout all four years to celebrate success. A Fine Art student is part of something bigger than oneself....this experience will forever change a young person's life, building skills that will positively impact their youth, building relationships that last a lifetime, and opening doors to scholarships and college success.