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    Ronald Reagan offers a challenging Visual Arts program where students with no past art experience can develop skills, learn principals of design, analyze art from various cultures, participate in extensive research and create artwork utilizing diverse tools and materials. Course work includes Art Foundations, Art History, IB Junior Studio and IB Senior Studio.


    IB Junior/Senior art students create a 30 piece body of work within a dedicated theme. Their work must clearly demonstrate artistic diversity and technique, fulfill IB rubric expectations for culture and context, and comprehensively represent two years of IB training. The concluding step in the Visual Arts program is to have the students’ dynamic work publicly displayed in the annual IB Gallery Showcase. Each artist is present to dialog with the audience and to witness firsthand the public’s reaction to their self-revelatory creations.


    To add to the diverse talents of our current artistic staff, we’ve developed beneficial collaborations with several artists and organizations including Voices of the Young/Know Thyself Foundation, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Gallery Night & Day, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD), Art Department of University of Stevens Point (UW-SP) and internationally-recognized photographer Paul Calhoun.


    The Fine Arts require no previous experience in order to be successful. What makes a great Reagan Fine Arts student is commitment, character and a sense of community. Individual grades are regularly reviewed to ensure that core course requirements are being met so students who commit to the Fine Arts are able to continue throughout all four years to celebrate success. A Fine Art student is part of something bigger than oneself....this experience will forever change a young person's life, building skills that will positively impact their youth, building relationships that last a lifetime, and opening doors to scholarships and college success.